“A pioneering approach to uncovering the hidden efficiencies of TV & Digital post-production.” 


PostAds Group works directly with brand advertising, marketing finance and procurement teams to implement new technologies, best practices and cost efficiencies across marketing supply chains in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific territories.

Advertisers are well-versed in the areas of Creative, Media and Production – yet Post-Production is often overlooked and filled with legacy processes, technologies and premium costs.  The worlds of TV advertising and digital online video platforms are colliding, with video content being served up for TV, Internet, mobile, social media and digital cinemas. PostAds Group addresses the five (5) key workflow areas of TV & Digital post-production, including:


  • Editorial & Master Finishing

  • Advertising Distribution

  • Talent Payment & Agency Traffic

  • Global Adaptations

  • Storage & Digital Asset Management


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